Question: What can I have with Premium Membership?
Answer: With Premium Membership you have full access to all premium content (videos and pictures) normal user can’t see. Moreover you don’t see any ads displayed from our website

Question: I completed the registration but I can’t login
Answer: You can’t login until you proceed with the payment, every account is manually activated by the Admin as soon as we receive your payment, until that moment, your account is pending and you can’t login

Question: Can I pay with different methods?
Answer: No, at the moment we only accept payments made with Amazon.it gift cards and Bitcoin

Question: Can I pay for Premium Membership using Amazon.com gift card?
Answer: No, we only accept Amazon.it gift cards. Payment made with other domains such as Amazon.com , Amazon.co.uk , Amazon.de , Amazon.fr and so on are not valid. You can find all the instructions to complete your payment on Amazon.it here

Question: When my Premium account will expire?
Answer: During the first months of its launch, Premium Membership was on special offer with no expiration date. Now, new Premium Membership accounts will expire 3 months from the day you completed your payment. When your membership period will expire, your account wont’be deleted but you’ll need to proceed with a new payment to renew your membership and login again

Question: I want to sell my dirty panties, how can I do it here?
Answer: If you want to sell your dirty panties, you can do it here for free. We don’t ask you any money or any percentage on your revenue. We only offer you free visibility on our website. If you are interested or want to have more infos, please write us at [email protected]

Question: How much time do I have for the payment?
Answer: From the day of your registration, you have 5 days to complete your payment and get your account active. If we don’t receive your payment within 5 days your account will be automatically deleted and you will need to register again